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  • Austral Clothes Line Cord


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    Austral’s Cord is manufactured in Australia to our own Specifications to ensure its durability in Australia’s harshest climates for a long time. The flexible outer coating is manufactured using a high UV composition to inhibit the splitting or stretching of the Cord when properly installed. Austral’s Cord does not contain Lead.

    Cord is available in 2 lengths and is suitable for use on all brands of clotheslines:

    40 metre pack- Suitable for use with all brands of Fold Down clotheslines.

    60 metre pack- Suitable for use with all brands of FoldAway Rotaries

    14 packIdeal for contractors and retailers. Suitable for use with all brands of FoldAway Rotaries.

    Austral Clothesline Cord is manufactured in Australia and is available in Grey and Cream

    Cord Maintenance The Cord may require occasional cleaning. NEVER USE BLEACH or harsh cleaning agents to wipe the cord as it will cause the outer coating to break down. Only use hot soapy water or white vinegar to remove grime or mould from the Cord. This will ensure the maximum life span for your clothesline cord.

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