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  • Austral Fold Away Rotary Clothesline 45


    Product details

    Austral Fold Away Rotary Clotheslines

    Fold Away 45

    The Austral Fold Away 45 is Austral's medium sized Fold Away Rotary clothes lines.

    3.3m head diameter

    7 lines

    46.5m of line space

    All structural components are made from sturdy Galvabond Steel. Very few plastic components are used to make Austral's Fold Away Rotaries.

    The FA45 will fit a Queen size sheet on the external lines

    PVC coated and UV treated cord

    Recommended area: 4m x 4m (to allow sheets to swing freely)

    Suitable for 4-6 people

    Pre-corded rotary head allows for easy installation

    Standard colour range: Classic cream, Heritage Green, Woodland Grey

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