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  • Hills Slimline Retractable Clotheslines


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    Slim Retracting Clothesline

    Slim Retracting 6 Stone

    The innovative new Slim Retracting Clothesline. Designed to meet the modern needs and tastes of households, including everything from apartment dwellers to the traditional family home.

    With a choice of 39m or 26m of total line length, the Slim 6-line and 4-line models allow plenty of room to dry a family wash, including bed sheets.

    Sleek and discreet design that mounts seamlessly to the wall

    Variable line length that can run from 2.0 to 6.5 metres

    Dual settings for easy adjustment of line tension for heavy light/loads

    Individual spring-loaded line spools prevent tangling

    10 year warranty against defects*

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