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  • The Contractor Wheelbarrow


    Product details

    The Contractor is AUSTRALIAN MADE and Its BACK.

    Dayton's 100 litre Galvanised Wheelbarrow.

    The choice for those who want the toughest barrow. You just can't go past this one.

    Ideal; for Asphalters,Concreters,and Bricklayers.

    Handles are timber with ergonomic shape for ease of use in all weather conditions.

    High strength and Durability

    Tub: Drawn high-capacity 100 litre galvanised steel bowl.Made in Australia with exceptional strength and durability, No sharp corners for safe handling High resistance to corrosion.

    Wheels and Tyres

    Pressed mild steel split rim hubs, powder coated.

    Durable punture resistant tyres with dual ball bearings and a galvanised steel tube axle.

    Wide wheel pneumatic knobby tread tyre.

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