Clothesline Restring & ReWire Services

Get in touch with the professionals: We provide specialise in Clothesline Restringing / ReWiring, Clothesline Installations & Repairs

Melbourne Clothesline Restringing / Rewire Service

Don't leave your old clothesline in the back yard looking sad and sorry, give us a call on: 03 8761 6316 / 0414 388 964

We can bring it back to life.

  • No more dirty marks on your clean washing.

  • No more washing on the ground.

  • Half an hour is all it takes to restring your clothesline.

We restring & rewire not only Australia's well known branded clotheslines: Austral, Daytek, Hills but any make or model clotheslines, whether it be PVC coated line or the old fashioned galvanised wire it doesn't matter - We do them all!

Clothesline in need of a restring / rewire repairs

Clothsline repaired & restrung

Broken Clothesline - Needs to be Restrung / Rewired
Restrung / ReWired Clothsline - Fully Repaired

38 Malvern St, Bayswater
Melbourne Vic 3153

MONDAY - FRIDAY 7.00am (please phone first if before 9am)-4.30pm

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